Terms and Conditions


Seller and Buyer agree that all Used Equipment to be sold under this Agreement is sold on an "AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS" basis. SELLER MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, STATUTORY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THE USED EQUIPMENT INCLUDING MAKING NO WARRANTY THAT THE USED EQUIPMENT WILL BE MERCHANTABLE OR FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE ONLY WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION MADE BY SELLER IS A WARRANTY THAT SELLER IS THE OWNER OF THE USED EQUIPMENT. Buyer assumes all risks and liability whatsoever resulting from the possession, use or disposition of the Used Equipment. Seller will have no liability with respect to the Used Equipment sold to Buyer, including having no liability for indirect, incidental or consequential damages.


Buyer is invited, urged and cautioned to inspect the Used Equipment prior to purchase. The Used Equipment will be available for inspection at the places and times specified by Seller. 


After the Purchase Price has been accepted by Seller, Buyer is bound by the terms of this Agreement and cannot terminate this Agreement. If the buyer fails to fulfill any of its obligations the Seller may, with prior written notice to Buyer, terminate this Agreement at any time. If Seller terminates this Agreement after the Purchase Price has been paid, then Seller will refund the Purchase Price to Buyer.